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Posted 1st July 2016

Richard Mason

We received this on Thursday from Richard's wife, Jayne.

Some of you may be aware that Richard has not been so well lately and he has been putting up a brave front, as he did not have any pain, but rather a weakness and lethargy. On Tuesday he visited the cardiologist for his 6 monthly visit only to be told to get home and pick up the tooth brush and get himself to the High Dependency unit at Nepean Private ASAP. He has been in Congestive Cardiac Failure it appears for a large part of this year. His heart muscle at the back, where he previously functioned with 44% had gone to 24%. To put it mildly my man was on borrowed time, as major organs were preparing to shut down. Lots of meds and wired for sound - the heart is now performing more like it should and the affected organs are returning to normal. Tomorrow morning he is to undergo Angiogram and if they find anything fixable it will be attended to there and then. The worst case scenario is he may require open heart surgery at a later date. We are forever hopeful and ask you to pray, if that is your persuasion, or whatever else you can muster to bring Richard back to health.

The family have all rallied round and this has been a great comfort to us both. You curse your kids at times, but you sure do appreciate them at others.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you so desire. No doubt there will be a recuperation time at home and he sure would love a visit. Not sure at this stage when he will be home, but will keep you posted.


Jayne Mason

Friday update.

Hello Everybody,

Before I start, I would like to thank all of you who have sent texts, emails, prayers and various acts of mercy extended to us this past week. We really do appreciate your support and concern.

This morning Richard underwent an Angiogram, the results of which were very pleasing. His 27 year old bypasses are still intact and the cardiac team all marvelled at this, as they have not seen such a success. He then had a Doppler Echo of his heart repeated (he had one last Tuesday), which revealed the wall of his heart to be "tired". Thus tomorrow morning early, his specialist is meeting with us to explain all and to obtain consent for Richard to have a defibrillator inserted on Monday. Not sure, at this stage, when he will be home, but he will remain in High Dependency until he does come home due to the monitoring required.

Finally he realises how close he was to meeting his maker and has a mission to go out and spread the message to the masses to listen to their bodies. The head nurse in the unit assures us Richard will notice a huge improvement after this procedure, although there will be a period of adjustment.

Marcelle has returned to Brisbane now and Melanie and Rowena will now be our support.

Some more prayers still required.



Richard and Jayne Mason
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Blaxland NSW 2774
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